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                                                                                CLASS -X


1.Chemical reactions and equations
Chemical reactions
Chemical equations
Combination and decomposition reaction
Types of displacement reactions
Redox reactions
2.Acids bases and salts
Introduction to Acids and Bases
Properties of Acids and Bases
pH scale and its importance
Important chemical compounds
3.Metals and non metals
Phys. prop. of metals & non- metals
Chemical properties of metals
Metals in nature
Electrovalent bonding of metals
4.Carbon and its compounds
Introduction to hydrocarbons
Properties of hydrocarbons
Alcohols and carboxylic acids
Preparation, properties & uses of carboxylic acids
5.Periodic classification of elements
Classification- Early attempts
Modern periodic table of elements


1.Light - Reflection & Refraction
Reflection of light
Spherical mirrors
Reflection by Spherical mirros
Mirror formulae
Refraction of light
Refraction through Glass
Spherical lens
Refraction through Spherical lens
Lens formulae
2.Human Eye & colourful World
Human Eye
Defects of Vision
Dispersion of light
Atmospheric refraction
Scattering of Light
Current and Voltage
Ohm's Law
Resistors in Series & Parallel
Heating effect of Electric current
4.Magnetic effects of electric current
Magnetic field
Magnetic force
Non conventional Sources of energy
5.Sources of energy
Conventional sources of energy
Modern periodic table of elements


1.Life processes
Nutrition in Plants
Nutrition in Animals
Introduction to Respiration
Respiration in Humans
Transportation in plants
Transportation in humans
Circulatory system in humans
2.Control and coordination
Central Nervous System in Humans
Nervous and muscular coordination
Chemical Coordination in plants
Chemical Coordination in animals
3.How do organisms reproduce
Reproduction and its kinds
Modes of asexual reproduction
Sexual reproduction in plants
Reproductive system of humans
Sexual reproduction in humans
4.Heredity and evolution
Heredity and Variation
Evolution & Evidences of Evolution
Mechanism of Evolution
Evolution and Classification
5.Our Environment
Environmental problems
Ecosystem- Nutrients & Energy Flow
6.Management of natural resources
Importance of Natural Resources
Water-importance and conservation
Conservation of Natural Resources